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3 Annoying WordPress Problems That Cost Us a Small Fortune - and How We Fixed Them

We've been building WordPress niche sites for over 10 years. We kept facing these three problems...

Problem 1 - Boredom


We needed to install WordPress every time we created a new website. BO-RING!

Problem 2 - Repetitive manual labour

We had to install the same plugins and themes again and again for every new website.

We don't know about you, but we'd rather market the sites and generate income, by providing quality products and services. NOT wasting time with repetitive work.

Problem 3 - Sites were getting hacked 

It's easy to forget to update one of your websites, only to visit it months later and see it has been hacked. 

Hackers often use outdated WordPress themes and plugins to get in WP websites. It happenned to us twice and it cost us a pretty penny to clean everything up.

Even if the site doesn't get hacked, the site may not working properly, because of outdated code. This causes losses in search engine rankings, and revenue.

We finally decided enough was enough. 

We built the WP Empire Builder plugin to fix all these problems

  • This WordPress plugin saves you an average of 7.3 hours per month.
  • Creates new WordPress sites in 29 seconds.
  • Activates, updates & manages plugins/themes for all your sites with 1 click.
  • Allows you to manage your entire empire of WordPress sites from ONE single screen.
  • Trusted by 3,249 smart WordPress site owners.
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly.

Because you just purchased from us, we want to give you access to WP Empire Builder at a significant discount. That way, you'll be able to build an army of profitable WordPress sites, fast.

problem solved

WP Empire Builder Highlights

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Choose Your License


$97 $47 

  • Create 1 network of sites you own
  • Unlimited sites for this one network

You save: $50 (61%)


$167 $67 

  • Create 100 networks of sites
  • Unlimited sites you own per network
  • Unlimited client sites per network
  • Sell sites (or networks of sites) managed with the plugin

You save: $100 (67%)

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

I have purchased a similar plugin that cost me upward of $1500 and it was clunky and complicated. WP Empire Builder simplifies your business and your life!

Adrienne Hew

I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours.

Jeff Bode