​​90,978+ WordPress attacks happen per MINUTE. ​There's a ​73% chance you​r website is vulnerable...

WP Force Field is the World's  only WordPress plugin with "site-shield" technology. Protects your site from ​hackers, bad bots and malware​...

Watch this video to find out how to eliminate the threats against your website:


​9 Highlights of ​WP Force Field

​Designed by team of security experts

​Protects your website and sensitive information

​​​Well-coded to the highest, strictest standards

​​Secure your website, without paying $1000s to security experts

​​Doesn't slow down your site with unnecessary functions

​Locks the bad guys out of your site with a few clicks

Constantly improved and updated, at no extra charge

​Simple and intuitive, even for WordPress beginners

​Made by perfectionists ​who love their craft and customers :-)

WordPress security statistics

8 Alarming WordPress Security Statistics


Every week, Google blacklists close to 20,000 websites for malware, and close to 50,000 for phishing. 

(Source: WPBeginner)


​73% of the 40,000 most popular WordPress websites are vulnerable to attack.

​(Source: WP White Security)


​90,978+ WordPress attacks happen per MINUTE.

(Source: Wordfence)


​18 million WordPress users were compromised in the worst WordPress security breach.

(Source: Skilled)


​52% of WordPress security vulnerabilities are related to WordPress plugins.

(Source: KeyCDN)


​The iThemes Security plugin has had the most ironic security breach ever.

(Source: Post Status)


​8% of WordPress security breaches happen because of a weak password.

(Source: WP Smackdown)


In a study, ​out of the 8,000 infected websites ​, 74% were built on WordPress​.

(Source: ​Sucuri.net)

WordPress hacker

6 Ways Hackers Hurt Your Website


​​Hackers can steal the contact info of your subscribers. Then, they can sell it to 3rd parties, or send spam to them. This will destroy your reputation.


​​Hackers redirect your ​pages to ​offers for drugs, guns and ​adult websites. This ​gets your website classified as dangerous and ​permanently blocked by online security services.


​​Hackers replace your affiliate links with their own, and steal your commissions.


​​Hackers shut down the computers of your website visitors, and then ask them to pay to get a password to unlock their computer.


​Hackers "crash" your entire website so it does not even come up.  This is a sure-fire way to say bye-bye to your Google rankings.


Hackers lock you out of your own website. You will be unable to log in and lose all control of your website.

malware removal cost

​What It Will Cost You to Remove ​Malware

malware removal service
malware removal service 2
malware removal service 3
Note: The prices above are standard for ONE website.

​Imagine if you have ​10 websites on a server, one of them gets infected and then the infection spreads across all your websites​ (very common).

​You would have to pay 10 times the price you see above. Malware removal is expensive.
danger sign

4 ​Problems ​With ​Most W​P ​Security ​Plugins


​They suffer from insane “feature bloat.” This slows down your website and hurts your Google rankings.


​They can easily mess up your entire website, because they tinker with the wrong things (like “.htaccess” and the MySQL database).


​They use confusing terms (like “RSD header”, “XSS”, “wlwmanifest” etc…). This is a great way to make you feel inferior and sell you things you don’t even need.


They try to address what happens after your website has already been infected. Hint: By that point, it’s already too late.

Watch The WP Force Field Demo Video

​Click on the video above to watch it. Duration: 4 minutes, 44 seconds.

7 Ways WP Force Field Protects Your Website

Update WordPress core

1) Automatically updates your WordPress version

Hackers find loopholes in ​outdated WordPress code - and use them to inject malicious code in your website. 

By ​constantly using the latest WordPress version, you automatically get the latest security "patches" ​and hackers can't find outdated code to attack.

Update WordPress plugins and themes

2) ​​Alerts you of ​outdated themes and plugins and ​updates them

Outdated themes and plugins are a ticking time bomb waiting to explode in your site. Hackers constantly look for outdated code they can exploit.​

By updat​ing ​your plugins and themes, hackers can't use them to inject malicious code in your website.

Activate inactive themes and plugins

3) ​Alerts you of ​​inactive themes and plugins and ​updates them

​Inactive plugins and themes can be insidious. We tend to not pay that much attention to them "because we don't use them."

BUT, they still exist in your website. If they get outdated, hackers can use them as back-doors to cause all kinds of trouble.

4) ​​Automatically updates your plugins and themes, in the future

​​​​Even if your plugins and themes are updated now, they can easily get outdated after a few days.

WP Force Field keeps them updated forever, on complete autopilot.

Hard to guess username

5) ​​Helps you secure your username and display name​

​The most usual username is "admin" and its derivatives. This makes it easy for hackers to guess it.

But, even if you use a hard-to-guess username, hackers can guess it through the publicly-visible "display name"​ (which is the same as the username by default). WP Force Field fixes this.

block author enumeration

​6) Stops hackers from finding your author info

​Hackers are becoming sophisticated. Even if you hide your "author name", they can still look at something called "author permalinks" and find out the display names of all the authors of a WordPress website (or, the single author if there's only one). WP Force Field fixes this loophole.

hide WordPress login page

​7) Hides actual login page

​Hackers will​ perform a "brute force" attack on your website's login page. For example: /wp-login.php or /wp-admin.

WP Force Field disables the "wp-admin" redirect to your login page. It also allows you to set a completely different directory, which you can use to login to your website safely. For example: domain.com/secret-login. ​

​What ​Makes ​WP Force Field Different?

Site Shield Technology

Most security plugins use "parlor tricks" to secure your website. It's like ​hanging a fake "Warning: secuirty dog" sign outside ​a house​ with glass doors.

​We created WP Force Field to use on our own websites, because there was nothing out there that does the basic things that ​make a real difference​.

WP Force Field is the equivalent to not allowing any entrances to your website. And the one ​entrance is a​n impenetrable gate with a security combination only you know.

What ​People Say About Our WordPress Plugins

​​"I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours..."

Jeff Bode
Online Business Owner

​​"​​Very easy to work with and great tech support."

​​​Roger Rohrs
​Online Marketer

​​"​​Simplifies your business and your life!"

​Adrienne Hew

​​"​​​​I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away..."

​​​Brian Terry
​​Online Business Owner

​​"​​​After 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post…​"

​​Scott Parat
​​Internet Marketer

Pick Your Perfect Pricing Plan

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​Update: Because most ​customers choose the Business (5 Sites) option, for a limited time, we have priced it at less than $100, to make it even more affordable...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a security plugin?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the World. It powers over 30% of the top websites.

Hackers know this, and that's why they choose to attack WordPress websites.

Does WP Force Field work with WordPress Multi-Site?

​Yes. It works with WordPress multi-site, as well as with multi-site plugins like WP Empire Builder.

​Will WP ​Force Field work with [plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ]?

It most likely will. But if there's an incompatibility, we will either fix it or refund your purchase. ​

Will you help me, if I need assistance?

Absolutely! Just contact our support desk, and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need.