If you operate 3 or more WordPress sites, this plugin will save you an average of 7.3 hours per month...

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The World's ONLY WordPress plugin with "central-control" technology...

Deploys sites in 1-click

Manages sites from one central dashboard

Automates 85% of WordPress tasks

4 Problems With "Classic" WordPress

  • 1) You need to install WordPress every time you need to create a new website.
  • 2) You need to install the same plugins and themes again and again for every new website.
  • 3) It's a pain remembering the different usernames and passwords for all your websites.
  • 4) It's easy to forget to update one of your websites, only to visit it months later and see it has been hacked. Hackers often use outdated WordPress themes and plugins to get in WP websites.

8 Great Reasons to Use WP Empire Builder

1) One-click setup:

In order to enable the Multisite function, you would normally have to "modify PHP code in a config file manually." This is hard, and confusing.

With ONE click, WP Empire Builder transforms your "normal" WordPress site into a customised version of WordPress Multisite

2)  Simple navigation:

The default Multisite set-up is like a maze that would make Daedalus proud.

WP Empire Builder makes the navigation of your multisite brain-dead easy to use.

You can even install it on top of an EXISTING Multisite set-up.

3) Activate, update & manage plugins/themes easily:

You can MASS activate and deactivate a plugin or theme for ALL your sites from ONE screen.

You can also update the VERSION of WordPress, your plugins or themes for ALL your sites with a few clicks.

Another HUGE time saver.

4)  Automatic creation of domains, subdirectories and subdomains in cPanel:

In order to enable the Multisite function, you would normally have to "modify PHP code in a config file manually." This is hard, and confusing.

With ONE click, WP Empire Builder transforms your "normal" WordPress site into a customised version of WordPress Multisite.

5) Add new sites in 29 seconds:

You can select the title and description of your site.

You can also select the folder structure.

For example:

subdirectory: mother-site.com/child-site
subdomain: child-site.mother-site.com
separate domain: child-site.com

You can also add new blank child sites to your network and import content from existing WordPress sites you own. That way you can use WP Empire Builder even if you have existing WordPress sites.

6) Access and manage ALL your sites quickly and easily, from ONE single screen:

You can access ALL your websites directly through ONE WordPress dashboard.

You can login in and out of the dashboard of your child sites without having to remember different usernames and passwords for all.

You won't believe how many times I forgot the username and password of one of my WordPress sites, and had to spend hours trying to recover them from the database.

7) Control the access level of your clients:

If you host and manage WordPress sites for clients, you can select if you allow them to login to their sites and add content and make modifications - or, if you want to restrict their access to the website (if they are new to this and don't really know what they are doing).

8) Clone posts and pages to your sites with ONE click:

If you have several sites in the same niche and the visitors of both of them would enjoy the content. You can clone a post or page and then slightly edit it on your new site.

If you have "legal" pages on your site like "contact us", "privacy policy" etc, you can recreate them with ONE click on ANY one of your sites. Another huge time saver.

wp empire builder testimonials


Until now I thought my WP clones under 10 minutes are the fastest way to create my own WP empire - but your latest plugin proves I was wrong! :)

Marian Krajcovic

I have purchased a similar plugin that cost me upward of $1500 and it was clunky and complicated. WP Empire Builder simplifies your business and your life!

Adrienne Hew

I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours

Jeff Bode

I've always wanted to be able to add a plugin to all my sites at one time and to be able to control all of my sites from one central place...

Frank Schwarz

If you want to build a multisite empire buy this plugin...

Nick Johnson

If you are running multiple sites for yourself, or managing client sites, then WP Empire Builder will do the trick for you.

Russ Banister

I am NOT a "Tech Guy" and the WP-Empire Builder made it intuitive and straight forward to add new sites and manage existing sites.

Roger Nevvard

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