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​​​Viral Video Affiliate Sites, in ​3 Minutes...

​​​​​​World's ​O​NLY ​WordPress Plugin With "​Celebrity Spy" ​Technology ​​For ​Free​ Organic Traffic ​and ​Happy ​Visitors​:

Watch the video below to find out a simple way to create video sites that get viral traffic - without creating your own videos:


Viral Traffic X Speed-Run:


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6 Ways Viral Traffic X Builds Great Sites

Works in Any Niche

​​Works in small niches like "paleo diet" or ​big ​industries like "politics." ​​​Build a highly popular website in your favourite market.

​Finds The Best ​Videos

​The "​Celebrity Spy" module finds videos ​​from top You​Tube celebrities and "influencers." ​Show ​content people love on your site.

Get More Traffic

The plugin leverages existing content that is popular and valuable. Easily attract visitors ​who want to see your curated content.

Earn Profits:

Easily show offers for your favorite products on your video pages. ​Get paid while showing valuable content to your website visitors.

Use Your Favorite Layout

Viral Traffic X works with any free or premium WordPress theme. You are the boss. Control your awesome site's look 100%.

​Tap Into Mobile Traffic

​Mobile-friendly video player, so videos look great on all devices, including smartphones which account for 52% of ​web traffic.

2 More Reasons To Try Viral Traffic X:

​3-time-your-investment-back, money-back guarantee

Made by perfectionists who love their craft and customers :-)

Watch The ​​​Viral Traffic X Demo Video


What ​People Say About Our WordPress Plugins

​​"I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours..."

Jeff Bode
Online Business Owner

​​"​​Very easy to work with and great tech support."

​​​Roger Rohrs
​Online Marketer

​​"​​Simplifies your business and your life!"

​Adrienne Hew

​​"​​​​I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away..."

​​​Brian Terry
​​Online Business Owner

​​"​​​After 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post…​"

​​Scott Parat
​​Internet Marketer

Pick your perfect pricing plan

Pick your perfect pricing plan:

  • ​​Build your ​viral video site today
  • ​Recoup your investment ​fa​st
  • ​Free upgrades and cool new features
  • ​​Friendly ​customer support :-)
  • ​60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

​Update: Because most ​customers choose the Business (5 Sites) option, for a limited time, we have priced it at less than $100, to make it even more affordable...

​"​Best video site builder I've seen"

Personal (1 Site)

Business (5 Sites)

Agency (25 Sites)

​3-Times-Your-Investment-Back Guarantee: 

Use Viral Traffic X for 60 days. If you don't make at least ​3 times your investment back, let us know and we'll ​refund your money. We'll ask no questions, and we'll still be friends. We're that confident ​this plugin will help you get more traffic and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ​Viral Traffic X different than other video site makers?

We have tried a few different video site makers on the market, and they were either really cumbersome to work with, or had bugs.

Other than that, the main strength of Viral Traffic X is the ability to use a ton of filters when searching for videos.

For example: "Search in the 'Fitness Blender' YouTube channel, find videos on 'workout for women', don't include any videos about 'nutrition' or 'men', the videos must have at least 10,000 views, be longer than 20 mins, and have a high rating.

The plugin doesn't just find videos - it finds the BEST videos on YouTube.

Another great difference are the visual templates that allow ​you to monetize the generated posts super easily, promote different products based on the keyword the videos were generated with, as well as change the promoted offer in seconds and have the changes apply to all the existing posts automatically.

Can I See an Example of a Site Built With The Plugin?

Sure. Check out the Viral Traffic X demo site.

Do I Need to Use a Special WordPress Theme?

​​Viral Trafic X works with any free or premium WordPress theme.

Is Viral Traffic X Beginner-Friendly?

Yes. We built this so that our grandparents could use it. Literally all you have to do is click a few buttons and this plugin goes to work for you.

​Will I Receive Updates?​

​We reinvest profits from the sales of the plugin back into even more development. You will constantly receive new features and updates at no extra cost.​

Is Viral Traffic X Compliant with YouTube Rules?

Absolutely. All the content is fetched using the YouTube API.

Will You Help Me, if I Need Assistance?

Absolutely. Please contact our support desk and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need.