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5 Benefits You'll Enjoy With Your Upgrade

1) Social Proof and More Search Engine Traffic by Fetching Comments

The PRO version can fetch comments from the YouTube videos and embed them as regular comments in the posts.

This makes your site appear more "busy" and popular to your visitors. When this happens, your visitors will feel more at ease and will be much more willing to buy from your site.

Not to mention that pages with many comments get ranked higher on search engines like Google. Comments indicate the content is interesting, which is what search engines want to give their users.

Channel Spy

2) Spy on Top YouTube Channels and Automatically Fetch Their Latest Videos

The plugin can subscribe to the top YouTube channels of your choice and fetch any and all new videos those YouTubers upload - without you having to add keywords, or schedule posts.

This is a great way to fetch content from the top video content producers and authority figures in your niche, automatically. Set it once and forget it forever.

3) Content Rewriting for More Unique Content and Higher Search-Engine Rankings

The plugin integrates with Spin Rewritter, one of the most popular and powerful text-spinning services.

This means you can enter your Spin Rewritter credentials, and the description of the video will be rewritten using synonyms and related keywords.

That way, your posts will be more unique. When this happens, search engines like Google give your content a "unique content bonus" and rank it higher.

Content rewriting module

4) Automatic Post Syndication, Backlinks and Traffic

The plugin integrates with OnlyWire, a service that automatically syndicates your posts to social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and 50 other social sites.

You can enter your OnlyWire credentials and you will start getting backlinks automatically, from all over the internet.

OnlyWire is one of the best-kept secrets of smart marketers who rank high on Google.The more backlinks you have, the further up the search engine listings you climb.

5) Automatic Link Cloaking for Higher Google Rankings

Google doesn't always like sites full of affiliate links. That's why, many top marketers use link cloaking on their sites.

So, instead of having an affiliate link that looks like this:

The link looks like this:

This feature automatically cloaks the links inserted in the post templates.


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