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The #1 reason 90+% of WordPress sites fail to get traffic and sales in 2020 (and how to fix it)

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​Answers to Your Questions:

"Wh​y do many WordPress sites get no traffic and sales?"

Smartphone apps make people want to click buttons and "get what they want, now".

As a result of this, people have grown more impatient.

Their attention spans have also grown much shorter.

Most ​of your website visitors aren't going to spend more than a few seconds figuring out what you want them to do on your site. 

If people visit your site and they leave immediately, Google thinks your WordPress site isn't ''good enough" and they rank it lower in the Google results.

"Why did you create this WordPress plugin?"

We created the plugin to use on our own WordPress niche sites, because we needed an easy way to ​reduce the bounce rate - and to boost their traffic and sales.

"What does this plugin do? Can I see a demo?"

The plugin adds a small "sliding window" on your posts and pages. It can include a personal message from you, or even a special offer.

Click here to see a live demo (new window).

When people engage with the message, they stay on your site longer. When Google sees this, they rank your site higher.

"Can't I just use a typical banner ad or popup instead?"

​The classic banner ads or popups that scream "buy now" are a sure-fire way to annoy your visitors. Once this happens, those people may never ​visit your site again.

Remember: People love buying but they hate being sold to.

"Why are you giving me this plugin for just $1?"

This plugin has cost us $2,​900+, and several months to develop​. We want to give this to you for just $1, so you get to know our products.

Our team has built, sold and supported over 10 different WordPress plugins. We are trusted by 12,000+ customers in 23+ countries world-wide.

If this WordPress plugin helps you boost your site's traffic and sales, you may want to check out our other premium plugins as well (if not, that's fine too).

In any case, it's win-win.

​"How many websites can I use this plugin on?"

​You can use it on unlimited sites you own. Client sites too!

"​What if I need help?"

​We got your back.

When you buy from us, you get:

  • Plugins that work in the "real world".

  • Free updates

  • Fast and friendly support

We aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can build a long-term business relationship with you.

​​Reviews of our WordPress plugins

​​"​SEO has never been this simple..."

​​— Nabarun Chakrabarti

​​"​The happiest moment after I started using Associate Goliath was when I got my "first" payment from Amazon Associates. It was an awesome feeling!"

— Amirol Zolkifli
​Internet Marketer

​​"I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours..."

— Jeff Bode
Online Business Owner

​​"​​Very easy to work with and great tech support."

​​​— Roger Rohrs
​Online Marketer

​​"​​Simplifies your business and your life!"

​— Adrienne Hew

​​"​​​​I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away..."

​​​— Brian Terry
​​Online Business Owner

​​"​​​After 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post…​"

​​— Scott Parat
​​Internet Marketer

​​Order this WordPress plugin for $1 and ​boost your traffic ​& sales

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