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The Problem - and the Unique Solution

The problem:

Ranking for high-competition keywords is hard.

There are hundreds of easy-to-rank-for, low-competition, "long-tail" keywords you could be getting traffic from.

But it's a total pain creating a separate post for every single long-tail search phrase.

The unique solution:

Traffic Goliath uses your existing content and creates tens of super-optimized "smart traffic pages" out of it. These pages uses something called "tags" - which is one of the SEO features built into WordPress.

Each one of these special pages can often outrank the original post (and posts of your competitors), generating more traffic and sales for you.

We had noticed this on our own websites.

Many other marketers have noticed this too. Look at the 4 examples below:

Possible Example:

Even though your website may be ranking #9 on Google, one of its tag pages may be ranking #2, pointing back to your website and outranking competitors who rank in positions 3-8.

#1: Competing website
#2: Your tag page
#3: Competing website
#4: Competing website
#5: Competing website
#6: Competing website
#7: Competing website
#8: Competing website
#9: Your website
#10 Competing website

Tags Example:

Post name:

xbox 360 review

Tag pages:

xbox 360 controller
xbox 360 price
xbox 360 amazon

9 Ways Traffic Goliath Helps Your Website:

100s of Optimized Pages:

This industrial-strength SEO plugin generates pages fast - so you have more chances of winning the "SEO lottery" and getting more visitors.

Leapfrog Your Competitors:

Creates perfectly-optimized pages, filled with the right content. They are brief but agile and outrank your competition in the Google results.

Happier Visitors:

Traffic Goliath links internal pages of your website in such a way that helps your visitors find what they are looking for, more easily.

More Profits:

SEO isn't just a catch phrase. High rankings result in more organic traffic, leads, sales and profits. That's what business is about.

Traffic Triad Technology:

Leverages the power of industry giants Google, YouTube and Amazon. Tap into their data to get more organic traffic faster.

Smart Traffic Pages:

The pages are created from your site's content - but in a way your visitors find valuable, and Google loves - rewarding with more traffic.

100% White-Hat SEO:

Everything about Traffic Goliath's methodology is totally ethical and above-board. That way your site will be on Google's good side.

Faster Indexing: 

Traffic Goliath connects the pages on your website so Google finds all your content faster and places it faster in its index.

Works in 2020:

Google changes its algorithm constantly. Traffic Goliath is built from the ground up on modern SEO principles that work in 2020.

How Traffic Goliath Creates More Organic Traffic:

1) Leverages Keyword Data from Google, YouTube and Amazon:

Traffic Goliath post widget

The Traffic Goliath WordPress plugin searches Google, YouTube, and Amazon. It fetches the most popular and relevant tags (keywords). You can add all of them as tags with a couple of clicks.

2) Simple Settings for Maximum Control, Efficiency and Traffic:

Traffic Goliath settings

The plugin has easy-to-configure settings. This allows you to customize the end result, for maximum efficiency, and traffic.

3) Do it like Wikipedia. Smart Links For Higher Visitor Satisfaction and Traffic:

The plugin can automatically hyperlink the tag phrases throughout your text, and point those links to your smart traffic pages. Relevant hyperlinks throughout the content is one of the best SEO practices Wikipedia uses.

4) Example of Google-Optimized Smart Traffic Page:

Above you can see an example of a smart traffic (tag) page.

These types of pages tend to rank high on the search engines because they focus on a specific keyword (for example "travel backpacks"), but also include several other "semantically relevant" phrases (for example "backpacking" or "traveling").

The exact "look" of these pages depends on your WordPress site's active theme and its settings.

Reviews of our WordPress plugins:

"I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours..."

Jeff Bode
Online Business Owner

"Very easy to work with and great tech support."

Roger Rohrs
Online Marketer

"Simplifies your business and your life!"

Adrienne Hew

"I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away..."

Brian Terry
Online Business Owner

"After 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post…"

Scott Parat
Internet Marketer

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