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4 ways the "affiliate marketing" industry is changing: How to avoid the traps, and profit from the new opportunities in 2020...

1) Paypal has been closing down accounts of people who seem to be selling "get rich quick schemes".

2) Everyone knows the FTC has been cracking down on deceptive salespages with misleading ad copy.

You know... those salespages that make crazy "money" claims, have fake screenshots, fake testimonials etc...

Honestly, that's how it should have been right from the START... but sometimes it takes a while for an industry to "mature."

3) Oh, and one other thing: People have gotten tired of being treated like idiots, or like being "disposable". Nobody likes buying products that don't work, or never receiving support if they need help.

If you actually help people, it's easy to stand out in a good way and get more word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers.

4) And what about the Coronavirus pandemic that hurts people and businesses all over the World? 

Oddly enough, some industries have actually GROWN from this unfortunate turn of events - and our industry of online marketing is one of them. 

More people than ever want to be online, build a website, and generate income, without leaving their homes.

So, what's to do?  The answer is simple. We will help each other build solid businesses, with real assets... while really helping people solve their online marketing problems. It's win-win-win all around.

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"Simple" Spencer Perkins
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Brad Spencer
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Brian Terry
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Chris Jenkins
Chris Mollo
Chris Sorrell
Cindy Donovan
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Dave Guindon
Greg Kononenko

David Vallieres
Derek Pierce
Derrick Van Dyke
Dylan Kingsberry
Edward Boiten
Gene Pimentel
Han Fan
Holly Cotter
Ian del Carmen
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Ivana Bosnjak
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Jim Daniels
John “X” Barker
John Delavera
Kurt Chrisler
Mark Hess
Martin Crumlish
Matt Garrett
Mike Lantz
Patrice Fillio
Ryan Stevenson
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Shawn Anderson
Simon Greenhalgh
Radu Hahaianu
Jai Sharma
Venkata Ramana
Kevin Byrne

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