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Hub Site Maker traffic WordPress statistics

Traffic stats (WP Stats) of test site using the Hub Site Maker WordPress plugin. The site reached 500+ daily visitors within 26 days.

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Introducing Hub Site Maker

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  • For busy website owners, bloggers and affiliate marketers
  • Get more traffic, without writing content, like Google News, AllTop, Buzzfeed, Mashable, etc
  • Attract more visitors from social media
  • Create happy visitors, without creating content
  • Boost leads, sales, and profits
  • Intuitive and beginner-friendly

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

What about unique content?

Creating unique content is a different business model altogether.
Unique content isn’t king. There are tens of thousands of sites with ''unique content" that get zero traffic.

VALUE is king. If you share with people something that helps them, they will want to come back to your site.

Let's say a friend sent you a link to an article or video you really liked. Do you get mad at your friend because they didn't create the content themselves?

There's a lot of money to be made in gathering and organizing niche content.

Should I link back to the original content?

Yes, this is a must, and Hub Site Maker does this automatically.

You are promoting the original creators' content to an audience that might never see it otherwise. This creates value both for your visitors and the original creator.

You are linking back to the original creators' content. This helps them get more links and higher traffic. But it also helps your site, because linking to authoritative content helps your own site's SEO.

In any case, it's win-win.

Won't people "leave" my site to visit the original source?

Remember: This is about value - not about "hoarding" all the visitors to yourself. Your prospects will search for this information anyway.

If you provide a link to a valuable resource and that link opens in a new window - then you have provided value and good information - while people still stay on your site. These people will return to your site regularly, because you have helped them.

The plugin will fetch the top content from your niche to your "hub website". That alone has a lot of value, because your visitors will be able to find some of the top content and news in one place.

Are there other benefits to owning such a hub site?

Yes: Advertisers love hub sites like these. Why? Such sites gather niche-specific news - and niche-specific eyeballs.

Advertisers are willing to pay to advertise on such hub sites. This generates revenue for the owner of the hub site (you).

Will I receive training?

Yes, you will receive quick-start training. It will show you how to find the top blogs in your niche and add them to Hub Site Maker, so you can fetch content from them. It will also show you how to get traffic and generate income from your site.

Is Hub Site Maker beginner-friendly?

Yes. We built this so that our grandparents could use it. You click a few buttons and this plugin goes to work for you.

Do I Need to use a special WordPress theme?

Hub Site Maker works with any free or premium WordPress theme. As a bonus, you will get a list of 12 free WordPress Themes that will make your hub site look great.

Will I Receive Updates?

We constantly invest money into even more development. You will constantly receive new features and updates at no extra cost.

Will You Help Me, if I Need Assistance?

Absolutely. Just contact our support desk, and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need.

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