Own ​​Authority WordPress Mini-Sites in Hot Niches, in 9 Minutes. Generate Sales and Save Months of Startup Work​...​
  • ​Built with ​the proprietary ​process we use ourselves to build and rank our own websites
  • ​​Enter ​niches with high profit potential but low competition, in less than 10 minutes
  • ​Set up websites for clients, with a few clicks, and get paid
  • ​​Sell ​the​ websites and keep 100% of the profits
  • ​$2,630 real value for less than $​​100​. See the 2 reasons why further down this page...

​9 ​​ways ​these ​sites​ ​​will add to your bottom line

​​Hot-But-Easy ​​Niches: 

Our top research team finds niches with rising popularity but low competition. Rank easily and profit more.

​​Authority Content:

Our English-speaking writers create well-researched, original content that will genuinely help your visitors.

​​​Get Organic Traffic​​: 

Text and images are ​optimized for search engines. Get higher Google rankings and more visitors, easily.

​​​Informative Videos: ​​​​

Our team hand picks the best YouTube videos to add to the posts. Your visitors will stick to your sites like glue.

​​Get Amazon Commissions: 

​Monetized with Amazon products that have at least a 4-star rating and many reviews. ​Get paid to promote helpful products.

Fast Loading:

Google loves fast sites and rewards them with more traffic. Busy people appreciate them too, and buy from them more easily.

​Always Look Great:

The sites ​are ​mobile friendly, so they look awesome on all devices, including smartphones. Look professional. Never lose sales.

Control The Design: 

Customizable WordPress theme with simple options to easily change fonts, colors, and layouts. ​Be the boss and call the shots.

​​Self-Updating Sites:

 The theme and WordPress plugins will get updated automatically. Never spend time and energy baby-sitting your site.

2 More Reasons To Own These Sites:

​​​3-times-your-investment-back,​money-back guarantee

​Made by perfectionists ​who love their craft and customers :-)

​​3 things you ​won't find on these sites

  • ​Junk content from spun PLR articles
  • ​Design that looks like it's from 1995
  • ​Complicated set-up processes

Website setup walk-through video

​​Real-world cost of building such websites

- ​Discovery of hot-but-easy ​​Niches​​, so you ​rank high and profit more: $1​80

​- ​Keyword ​research by our ​SEO specialists, to easily get buyers to your site: ​$150

- ​Professional ​design so your visitors trust you and buy from you:$700

​- ​Professional ​content that helps your visitors, so they like you and buy: $9​60

​- ​Images that make your posts interesting and your ​pages sticky: $220

​- ​On-​page ​optimization by our SEO specialists, for more free organic traffic: ​$420

Total: ​$2,630



​​Discovery of hot-but-easy ​​​niches​​, so you ​rank high and profit more


​Keyword ​research by our ​SEO specialists, to easily get buyers to your site


​Professional ​design so your visitors trust you and buy from you


​Professional ​content that helps your visitors, so they like you and buy


​Images that make your posts interesting and your ​pages sticky​


​On-​page ​optimization by our SEO specialists, for more free organic traffic




2 reasons you will get high value for less

You won't have to pay anywhere near $2,630 for a website. Our websites are much more affordable for these two reasons:

Reason 1: By creating each website once and then selling it as a "template" to more than one person, we can distribute the cost across several ​customers. That way, we don't have to ask for a ton of money for it...

Reason 2: We truly want to offer you a great deal. ​That way, you will be much more likely to buy ​some sites, like them, buy even more of our websites and WordPress plugins, send us glowing testimonials and recommend us to your contacts. So, it's win-win. ​:-)

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  • ​Backpacks
  • ​Ketogenic diet


Estimated search volume on Google.com: ​742,500 searches per year












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​​​Brian Terry
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​​"​​Very easy to work with and great tech support."

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​​"​​Simplifies your business and your life!"

​Adrienne Hew

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​Frequently Asked Questions

On how many domains can I set up each website?

You can set up each website on up to 10 domains. This means you can service 10 different clients. Or, you can sell 10 different websites as a whole, at places like Flippa.

Please note: You can set up websites as a whole. You cannot just sell or share the installer file you will receive after your purchase. The installer is just for your own use and convenience. :-)