"Niche Hub" Affiliate WordPress Sites​, In 2 Minutes

The ​TRUTH about ​sites like BuzzFeed, Mashable, and AllTop​ (that get millions of visitors, without creating content)

​See how this unique WordPress plugin creates valuable websites from scratch:

​The ​Opportunity

Modern humans have created more information in the past few years than in all of human history before us.

​Because of this, people are drowning in information. Content creation is easy. Finding the good stuff is hard.

That's why people are turning to websites that gather and categorize information and news. Some examples include:

Google News: It's a news aggregator app developed by Google. It presents a continuous, customizable flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines.

hub Site Maker - Google news

AllTop: It aggregates news and blog articles from the World’s most popular websites like BBC, CNN, Mashable,TechCrunch and more:

Hub Site Maker - Alltop

Real Clear Health: It fetches the most significant news and opinions surrounding the health care debate.

BY THE WAY, the last site above, Real Clear Health, is owned by the "Real Clear Group", which has a bunch of similar sites like "Real Clear Politics", "Real Clear Science", and "Real Clear Defense." They do this, because they understand this business model works...

The ​Problem

​​Creating such a website ​still takes times and energy.

Every day you would need to search for, find, and sort through the top content in your niche. This takes a lot of time, energy and focus.

What about using software? That can help - but most pieces of software or WordPress plugins use the "shotgun" approach and create sites that ha​ve some good and a lot of useless content.

Not to mention such WordPress plugins aren't created with monetization in mind. Meaning - not only do you need to create a website that shows quality content, you also need to ​monetize that website, by showing relevant offers.

The ​Unique ​Solution

​Hub Site Maker is a WordPress plugin we created to solve the problems above. Here's what this baby does and how it's different than anything else out there...

​1) Easily leverage existing authoritative content, instead of wasting time and effort creating content from scratch:

2) ​Control the fetched content with extensive smart filters - so only the most relevant content is added to your site, and your visitors are happier:

​3) ​Use the ​visual editor to insert ads ​for your favourite products that make you money, before and after the fetched content:

​​4) Be the boss. Have total control over
how content is added to your website:

Watch The ​​Hub Site Maker Demo Video


5 ​ Guidelines ​to ​Build a​ ​Site ​​People ​​Love:

1) Use a professional-looking WordPress theme. Your website should look like somebody put some thought into it. Avoid using the default WordPress themes. We can recommend you several nice free themes. 

2) Only use the RSS feeds of the best websites in your niche. No need to aggregate content from 100 websites. 5 to 10 should be more than enough.

3) Use negative keywords when fetching content from other websites. That way, irrelevant posts will not appear on your website. Hub Site Maker has this feature.

4) Set the initial posts as drafts. That way, you (or a virtual assistant) will be able to review the item, before it ends up on your website.

5) Make sure you include a link back to the websites from which you use the RSS feeds. Hub Site Maker does this automatically as well.

What ​People Say About Our WordPress Plugins

​​"I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours..."

Jeff Bode
Online Business Owner

​​"​​Very easy to work with and great tech support."

​​​Roger Rohrs
​Online Marketer

​​"​​Simplifies your business and your life!"

​Adrienne Hew

​​"​​​​I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away..."

​​​Brian Terry
​​Online Business Owner

​​"​​​After 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post…​"

​​Scott Parat
​​Internet Marketer

Pick your perfect pricing plan

Pick your perfect pricing plan:

  • ​​Build your successful site today
  • ​Recoup your investment ​fa​st
  • ​Free upgrades and cool new features
  • ​​Friendly ​customer support :-)
  • ​60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee

​Update: Because most ​customers choose the Business (5 Sites) option, for a limited time, we have priced it at less than $100, to make it even more affordable...

Personal (1 Site)

Business (5 Sites)

Agency (25 Sites)

3-times-your-investment-back guarantee: 

Use Hub Site Maker for 60 days. If you don't make at least three times your investment back, let us know and we'll refund your money. We'll ask no questions, and we'll still be friends. We're that confident you'll love this. :-)

Frequently Asked Questions

​Should I create my own content?

The plugin will fetch the top content from your niche to your "hub website". That alone has a lot of value, because your visitors will be able to find some of the top content and news in one place.

Creating sites with unique content is a completely different business model altogether.

But nothing stops you from adding your own content to your website if you want to make it even more awesome!

​​Can I see a live demo of such a website?

Check out the ​Hub Site Maker demo site.

Do keep in mind that the actual appearance of ​your WordPress site has to do with the active theme of your website.

Is ​Hub Site Maker Beginner-Friendly?

Yes. We built this so that our grandparents could use it. Literally all you have to do is click a few buttons and this plugin goes to work for you.

​Will I Receive Updates?

​We reinvest profits from the sales of the plugin back into even more development. You will constantly receive new features and updates at no extra cost.​

Do I Need to Use a Special WordPress Theme?

​Hub Site Maker works with any free or premium WordPress theme.

Will You Help Me, if I Need Assistance?

Absolutely. Just contact our support desk, and our friendly staff will help you with anything you need.

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