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Congrats on purchasing a ready-made WordPress site

Step 1: Open email and get download info

You must have received an EMAIL at the email address you purchased with. It contains your download info.

The email will be from Plugin Poets with the email address The email subject will say "Thanks for your purchase!"

If you need help, please contact our friendly help desk. :-)

Step 2: Whitelist our emails

If you haven't received the email within 3 minutes, please check your SPAM or TRASH folders. 

Please whitelist the email address

Here's how to mark an email as not-spam in Gmail:

In Gmail, the email may also accidentally end up in the "PROMOTIONS" tab. Just "drag 'n drop" it in the "PRIMARY" tab, and you're all set! :-)

gmail primary tab

Step 3: Watch the walk-through video

If you have purchased a ready-made website, this video will show you how to import the ready-made website to your own blank WordPress website:

Step 4: Read the text instructions (optional)

This step is optional. It basically gives you the same information as the walk-through video above. We put this together for people who prefer text instructions. We have also included live links when needed.

First, you will need to set up a new blank WordPress website. If this is your first time using WordPress, the basic process is this:

Get a domain and host. Then, install WordPress on your website, with a few clicks, using QuickInstall or Softaculous.

Login to the new WordPress website you installed.

Now, it’s time to add to your new website two (2) "migration" WordPress plugins. This is done so you can easily import the settings file with the pre-made website we have created. 

First, install the main migration plugin.

Go to:

Plugins ⇒ Add New ⇒ Search for “All” ⇒ “All In One WP Migration” ⇒ Install Now ⇒ Activate

Now, you MAY need to install a secondary plugin, that allows an import file to be uploaded, even if the host restricts the allowed file size.

Download the plugin here and install it to your site, or install it directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Then, go to:

All-in-One WP Migration ⇒ Import ⇒ IMPORT FROM ⇒ File ⇒ Select the export file you just purchased from us (download info via email).

The name of the file will have the extension ".wpress" - for example,  fitness-trackers.wpress, and upload it. 

On the next screen, wait for a couple of minutes for the import to finish. Then, you will see a warning window. Just click “PROCEED >”

On the next screen, click the “Permalinks Settings” link.

On the next screen, you will see you are logged out of the WordPress website. This happens because the username and password from the .wpress ready-made website you purchased have overwritten the username and password of your initial website.

Please use the following username and password to login back to your website:

username: admin

password: pass

After you login to your website go to:

Settings ⇒ Permalinks

… and click the blue “Save Changes” button TWICE.

Congratulations. Your website is ready!

Now, you can make the following tweaks:

1) We recommend you change your username and password to something that is easy for you to remember, and hard for others to guess.

2) Optional: Update the plugins and theme to their latest version. This should happen automatically within 24 hours as well.

3) Change your admin email in a couple of places where it is mentioned. Specifically:

Contact ==> Contact Form 1 ==> Edit ==> "Mail" Tab ==? Change "To" and "From" emails if you want ==> Save

Settings ==> General ==> Email Adress ==> Change it ==> Save Changes

4) If you want, you can change your website's appearance through:

Appearance ==> Customize


Appearance ==>

Weaver Xtreme Admin ==> "Main Options" Tab

5) Add your own Amazon ads to the website.

Here are full instructions:

Step 5: Read and understand your license terms

- You may use the .wpress file to install it on up to 10 (ten) domains.

- You may modify the website in any way you like.

- You may sell the website.

- You may install the website on a client's domain (with their permission).

- You may not sell the text content as PLR articles.

- You may not sell the images separately.

Have more questions?

If you have more questions, please visit our ready-made sites training center.

Thanks again for your purchase! :-)

- The Plugin Poets team