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​See how Countdown Dynamite boosts your leads and sales:

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It's fully functional. ​The only limitation is the countdown will only work for you, when you are logged in as admin to your WordPress site.

Once you upgrade to the full version, your site visitors will be able to see the countdown as well.

9 Ways Countdown Dynamite Boosts Your Sales

​Evergreen ​Special Offers 

Create "limited offers in a box", unique to each visitor. No need to "baby-sit" your offers.

​Specific-​Date ​Offers 

​"Idiot-proof" world-wide time​ selector. That way you will ​never pick the ​wrong time zone.

​​Real ​One-Time Offers 

​They expire after viewed once. That way, you will not be labeled as someone who ​creates fake offers.

Smart, Disappearing Timers

Once the timer ​expires, it can disappear​. That way, you will not lose credibility with an offer that still exists, while the timer says ​"0".

​Totally Customizable look

​Change font face, font size, font color, and background color. Hide elements you want (like "days"). ​Rename​ to any language.

​Visual Editor 

​Add content before and after the countdown​. ​​Add text, images and videos to your special offers, without knowing code.

​Dual ​Tracking: 

Fool-proof visitor tracking by both cookies and IP address. That way each visitor will always see the correct time left.

​Mobile Responsive 

Your timers ​will look​ great on all devi​ces, like ​desktops, ​​tablets and smartphones. No compromises in conversions!

Works on All Types of Sites

​Produces an ​embeddable code that works on non-WordPress sites or any remote sites ​you want to add it to. Take your timers everywhere!

​3 more reasons to use Countdown Dynamite:

​Trusted by 1,630+ ​smart internet marketers who actively sell online

​​​3-times-your-investment-back,​money-back guarantee

​Made by perfectionists ​who love their craft and customers :-)

​​Why Urgency Sells (IF Done Right)

​​Dr Robert Cialdini is a marketing, business and psychology professor.

​Many people consider his best-selling book "Influence: The Psychology or Persuasion", as the "bible" of selling ethically.

In the book, Cialdini mentioned several key ways to make people take action. ​One of them is urgency.

When you have an offer that is only good for a limited time, people stand up and pay attention (and pay you money), because they don't want to "miss out" or "be left out."

But it has to be REAL urgency...

With a little help from technology, you can make REAL limited-time offers to EVERYONE who comes to your site, no matter when they do so.

You can essentially create a "limited offer in a box" that you present to every visitor. Once your visitors experience this, they will be much more likely to take action.

When you use urgency in your offers, they can convert up to 3 times better or more than if you hadn't used them!

​7 ​Ideas to Profit With Countdown Dynamite​

1) Boost your sales with limited-time ​discounts

This is called a "takeaway." You add extra bonuses to your offers.

Once the timer expires, the special bonuses go away.

​​2) Boost your sales with limited-time bonuses

This is called a "takeaway." You add extra bonuses to your offers. ​

Once the timer expires, the special bonuses go away.

3) Create a profitable product launch

Add a countdown timer to your site, telling everyone the exact date your product will go live.

This builds anticipation and is the same tactic Hollywood uses to launch million-dollar movies.

​​​4) Get more leads and email subscribers

​Add a countdown timer to your opt-in form and watch ​more and more people signing up to receive emails from you.

List building is what the "big boys" do, for a reason. It pays!

5) Build a profit-producing sales funnel

After someone buys from you (or signs up for your mailing list), you can have REAL one-time offers and limited-time upsells.

"Do you want fries with that?" helped McDonalds become a $163.85 Billion giant. This is an upsell. :-)

​​​6) Increase your affiliate-marketing revenue

​Review a quality product and add your own limited-time bonuses, if people buy through your link.

Try to make your bonus ​complement the original product. 

Super affiliates often use this strategy to win affiliate competitions.

7) Turn your marketing into an event and get people talking

You can turn your usual marketing into a popular "event."

For example, "this week only, you can get our product at 50%".

This is a great idea during holidays (like Christmas or Easter).

You can also use it throughout the rest of the year for any reason really. For example "because it's my birthday."

​​The Story Behind Countdown Dynamite 

We have been successfully using scarcity on our websites for years - but we always had to compromise in some way... 

There was no WordPress plugin on the market that would do exactly what we needed.

The available plugins seemed to be "me too" products that existed only to make some money for their owners.

That's why we decided to create our own dream scarcity WordPress plugin from scratch.

We created ​a plugin to scratch our own itch, and it's the only scarcity plugin we use on our own websites.

​After using the plugin for some time, we made it available to a few of our awesome customers.

Our initial customers​ also got great results from our plugin AND helped us make it even better.

​And that's how Countdown Dynamite was born. :-)​

​How ​​Countdown Dynamite Works​

1) ​Self-managing evergreen ​special offers​, that don't require babysitting from you:

If "visitor A" comes to your site, they ​the offer expires in 30 minutes. 

No matter how many times they refresh the page, the countdown will continue counting without "starting again." 30 minutes later, the countdown will expire for that visitor.

If "Visitor B" comes to your site after a few hours, they will again see that THEY have 30 minutes to take an action. 

​2) Idiot-proof" world-wide time​ selector​ so you ​never pick the ​wrong time zone:

In this case, your offer will expire at a specific time in the future. This is great, if you are doing a product launch for example.

​The timezone selector ensures you'll set the right time, no matter where you live in the world, and no matter what timezone you work in.

For example, I live in Greece and I have always had difficulty converting "GMT" to "EST" and figuring out the correct time difference. 

I have messed up the time on two of my own product launches (frustrating, not to mention embarrassing).

This new plugin however is idiot proof.

3)  Creates REAL OTOs (one-time offers)​, and protects your reputation:

In this case, each visitor can see your special offer only once.

This works especially well if they have just made a purchase and you give them a one-time opportunity to buy something else from you.

4)  Visually add any elements you want to your offer, so it's easy to manage them:​

​You can select what content to show above or below the countdown.

​You can use the built-in WordPress visual editor to add text, images, videos, links.

​​5)  ​​​Control what ​happens after the timer expires, for maximum profitability:

​You can:

​- Show a different message.

​- Hide the countdown and the entire special offer.

- Redirect to a different page 

​​6)  ​Make the timer blend-in with your WordPress theme, or stand out - so you get a professional look, and even higher conversions​:

​Change font face, font size, font color, and background color.

Hide elements you want (like "days"). ​

Rename​ to any language.

​​7)  ​Works on both WordPress and other websites:

​You can insert the timer in each post or page with one click.

​You can also copy the embed code the plugin generates and add it to any remote website you want.

​It doesn't matter if that website ​uses WordPress, HTML, PHP, or whatever.

​This embed code can also be used inside awesome complex (but ​complex) landing-page-builder WordPress plugins.

How Urgency Can Transform ​Your Business

Let's say you are buying Pay-Per-Click traffic to your website. You are paying $1 per click.

For every 100 visitors, you sell one copy of your product that costs $100.

So, you pay $100 to make back $100. You are breaking even.

Now, imagine you add (real) urgency to your landing page and your conversion jumps by just 30%.

You are now making $130 for every $100 you spend.

But now we are getting to the good stuff...

If you know you can pay $100 and make $130, you can start scaling. Instead of paying $100 and making $130 every day... you can be paying $1,000 and making $1,300 every day... and you're off to the races.

Once you can generate a high enough visitor value, you can buy more traffic and eat everyone's lunch...

Quotes From Our Awesome Customers

...endless possibilities for structuring offers at different price points...


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Easy to create so many different 'timers' on a single website

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I highly recommend this for use in your OTOs...

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simple and very slick...

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I have noticed more downloads than normal on one of my blogs...

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...pure gold, and that's no hype...

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...another great plugin from one of the world's best Wordpress developers...

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