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7 steps to receive support fast:

Hey, there!

Thanks for contacting our support desk.

We work very hard to create happy customers and support them.

To get your issue resolved the fastest, and avoid frustration, please follow these steps carefully:

1) See the knowledge-base for the product your purchased (links in the blue box on this page). There's a 90% chance your question is already answered there.

2) Watch the demo video(s) found on the download page (and the "sales page") of the product to see how to use it.

3) Make sure you have the latest version of our plugin(s). In your WordPress dashboard, please go under "Plugins", find the plugin in question, and click the "update now" link. If you can't see this link, then click the "check for updates" link.

4) If you have purchased a product from us, but can't find it, you should be able to access the download area via JVZoo.

5) If you need further help, please open a support ticket.

Please include as much information as possible upfront, to minimize unnecessary back-and-forth. We want to solve your problem as fast as possible! Please mention:

a) What issue you are facing.

b) If the plugin isn't working on your site for some reason, we will need to login ourselves and have a look. Please provide your site's login URL, username and password, in the following format:


c) If applicable, please send us the specific URL of the post/page that has an issue.

Keep in mind we can only offer support via the helpdesk. Email is just too unreliable. Please do not reply to the email notifications by the support desk, as that email address isn't monitored.

Email notifications can disappear in cyberspace for all kinds of reasons. So, you may also want to bookmark your ticket and visit it after 48 hours. Chances are we will have already responded to your ticket.

7) Please do not open different tickets for the same issue, because this can put your request back to the end of the queue. Please just reply to the same ticket.

Thank you! :-)

- The Plugin Poets team