Associate Goliath Support

Welcome! :-)

If you are here, you probably need help with something. We understand your frustration, and we are here for you.

Support-desk hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST

Maximum response time: 2 business days (we usually reply sooner)

Important: To get your issue resolved the fastest, follow these support-ticket best practices:

Before you submit a support ticket 

1) Check out the Associate Goliath knowledgebase. There's a 90% chance your question is already answered there.

2) Watch the Associate Goliath demo video to see how to use the plugin.

3) Make sure you have the latest version of the plugin. Please go under "Plugins", find "Associate Goliath" and click the "update now" link. If you can't see this link, then click the "check for updates" link.

It's also a good idea to click the "Enable auto-updates" link to the far right of the plugin, on the Plugins page.

4) If you have purchased Associate Goliath, you should be able to find your download link here.

5) When we try to identify an issue, we may need to deactivate plugins or themes, and in some very rare cases this can change some settings. 

So, before you contact support, you may want to back up your website, by going to:

Tools ==> Export ==> Download Export File.

While you are submitting a support ticket

If the issue persists, please open a support ticket and let us know:

1) What issue you are facing.

2) If the plugin isn't working on your site for some reason, we will need to login ourselves and have a look.

Please provide your site's login URL, username and password, in the following format:


3) If the issue takes place on a specific post, please send us the URL to that specific post.

After you submit a support ticket

1) Please whitelist the email address

This is the email the support desk email notifications are sent from. Here's how to whitelist our email address.

2) Keep in mind we can only offer support via the helpdesk. Email is just too unreliable. Please do not reply to the email notifications by the support desk, as we don't monitor this email address.

3) Email notifications can disappear in cyberspace for all kinds of reasons. So, you may also want to bookmark your ticket and visit it after 48 hours. Chances are we will have already responded to your ticket.

4) Please do not open different tickets for the same issue. Just reply to the same ticket.

Again, we are here for you, and will do our best to help you out.

Thanks for being a valued customer! :-)

- The Plugin Poets Team