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​Products posts include: YouTube video carousel, product image, rating stars, price, Amazon buttons, 90-day-cookie buttons, features, manufacturer info, and product info (varies slightly by product).

​Why Associate Goliath?

​​Finds the best markets: ​​

Deep Niche Discovery technology ​​​finds high-profit, low-competition markets. ​Get traffic and turn it to sales​, easily.

​Hands-free content creation:

Shows product descriptions and call-to-action buttons with your affiliate links embedded. All automatically updated.

​More sales with videos:

People love product reviews and watching videos. ​The plugin fetches product-review YouTube videos ​for ​more ​commissions.

​Finds top Amazon products

Only ​​the best products are added to your site: Those paying high commissions, with high star ratings ​and many reviews.

Get free organic traffic:

​All content is fully optimized for ​search engines like Google.  ​Automatically. ​​Higher rankings, more traffic ​sales.

​​​​Works with ​all WordPress themes:

​You have total control over your site's design. ​Use your favorite WordPress theme and make your site look awesome!

​​​Extends commission​ period

Special buttons on the page extend Amazon's affiliate cookie from just 24 hours to 90 days. ​You will get ​commissions for much longer...​

​World-wide commissions:

​​Supports 8 different Amazon domains. Automatically redirects visitors to their closest Amazon domain. Leave no penny behind.

​​​Attracts website visitors

Automatically syndicates your posts to social sites like Facebook​ and Twitter​. Get backlinks and traffic ​on autopilot.

​5 ​​Great Reasons ​to ​Be an Amazon ​Associate

  • ​Get in front of Amazon's 310 million active customers.
  • ​Get your piece of the $178+ Billion in annual sales.
  • ​10%+ conversion rate vs just 1% on typical "salesletters".
  • ​Automatically get paid on Amazon's pricey upsells.
  • ​Promote popular products that solve people's problems.

​6 ​Great Reasons To Use ​Associate Goliath

1) ​​​Niche and Product Research Made Easy:

​​Find products by keywords or ASINs.​

Or, ​let the plugin's sector-seeking module search within the Amazon categories and subcategories you want, on its own.

​Select ​product price range​ to avoid low-price, low-commission products...

2) ​​​​​Rank ​high on Google and get free organic traffic​:

​All posts are fully search-engine-optimised, automatically.

The plugin finds all the related keywords and tags for the product name, and adds them to your posts...

​3) ​Automatic Video Product Reviews:

YouTube review videos are automatically embedded in the posts.

Google ranks video content higher.

​People buy more easily if they see a video review...

4) ​​​Automatic Post Syndication, Backlinks and Traffic:

​The plugin integrates with OnlyWire, a service that automatically syndicates your posts to social sites like Facebook​ and Twitter​.

You can enter your OnlyWire credentials in Associate Goliath ​ and you will start getting backlinks and traffic automatically​...

5) ​​​90-Day Cookies for More Commissions:

If a visitor adds an Amazon product to their cart, the life of the Amazon affiliate cookie gets extended from 24 hours to 90 days.

This means you will get credit for the sale of that product even if the customer ends up buying it after up to 90 days.​..

6) ​Automatic Geo-Targeting to Avoid Lost Sales:

​You can enter your Amazon ids for many different Amazon domains.

That way, if your visitor comes from the United Kingdom, for example, they will be taken to the Amazon.co.uk domain instead of Amazon.com.

This increases the chances you will get the sale.

​Customer reviews

The happiest moment after I started using Associate Goliath was when I got my "first" payment from Amazon Associates. It was an awesome feeling...

Amirol Zolkifli,
Internet Marketer

​​I started my site with this plugin on Aug 8 and made my first sales yesterday, September 22nd.

I'm ranking for many, many long tail product keywords. For the niche I'm in I expect to make more and more as we approach the holiday season...

​Warrior Forum member

​​Gotten to first page for 2 very targeted two word keyphrases, one of these had 100% CTR for the first 4 hours. I have gotten clicks and at least a few orders...

Warrior Forum member

​​I have built up around 1000 sites. I love the simplicity and quickness

Johnny Mulder
Affiliate Marketer

​​I have​ ranked in ​Google for many keywords within just 6 days of registering the domain name...

Warrior Forum member

​​Extremely user friendly, even for a newbie like me...

Ericka Todd
Internet Marketer

​Excellent customer service and continuous updates...

Hafiz, Mala​ysia
​Warrior Forum member

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