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Start: Friday, June 10, 11:00 AM EDT

End: Wednesday, June 15, 23:59 EDT

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Early Results From Small Inhouse Promo

AffiliateMatic promo

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Sales Funnel and Commissions

Front End: 


$27 at 50% commissions 

Upgrade 1: 

DFY Monthly Content Club: 

$19/month or $97/year at 50% commissions.

Upgrade 2:

AffiliateMatic Developer License: 

$37 at 50% commissions.

Upgrade 3:

Traffic Goliath PRO

$39 at 50% commissions.

Upgrade 4:

WP Empire Builder Enterprise: 

$39 at 50% commissions.

Detailed Upgrade Descriptions

Upgrade 1: DFY Monthly Content Club - $19/month or $97/year.

  • Launch Multiple Income-Generating Video Sites Effortlessly, Every Month.

  • Lucrative niches with rising demand but little competition.

  • Profitable keywords that are easier to rank for and get traffic with.

  • Authority YouTube Channels to Get Awesome Video Content From

  • Just Copy & Paste These in AffiliateMatic. The Research and Hard Work Has Been Done For You.

Upgrade 2: AffiliateMatic Developer License - $37

  • Make $650+ Repeatedly, With The AffiliateMatic Developer License
  • Get paid by clients to add AffiliateMatic to their WordPress sites.
  • Charge clients any amount you want for this service, and bill them one-time, monthly, or yearly.
  • SELL (flip) sites that have the AffiliateMatic plugin installed.
  • Just 10 clients paying you $99 to build video sites for them makes you $950+ in profit easily.
  • Your clients will get free updates and 24/7 customer support. We'll do all the work, and you keep 100% of the profits.

Upgrade 3: Traffic Goliath PRO - $39

  • 10X Your Traffic and Profits in Half the Time With Traffic Goliath PRO
  • Boost rankings with overlooked tags from Google, YouTube, Amazon - PLUS Bing and Wikipedia
  • Get more traffic by automatically converting tags to meta keywords
  • Get hands-off SEO traffic by automatically adding tags to future posts
  • Revive your existing site's traffic by automatically adding tags to older, existing posts
  • Get traffic and profits from all over the internet by downloading the tags and using them in other online promotion channels

Upgrade 4: WP Empire Builder - $39

  • Launch Your Empire of Profitable WordPress Sites, With a Few Clicks
  • 3,249+  happy customers in 23 countries
  • Deploys WordPress money sites in 1-click
  • Automates 85% of boring WordPress tasks
  • Manages your sites from one central dashboard
    Save you tens of hours every month

Affiliate Contest and $2,000 in Prizes

Affiliate JV contest prizes

First 48 Hours Opening Contest

#1 Prize: $500
#2 Prize: $300
#3 Prize: $200

(Friday, June 10, 11:00 EDT - Sunday, June 12, 11:00 EDT)

Surprise contests can be added at any time. 

Everyone who promotes will be on my cool list. :-)

Closing Contest

#1 Prize: $500
#2 Prize: $300
#3 Prize: $200

(Monday, June 13, 11:00 EDT - Wednesday, June 15, 23:59 EDT)

  • This is a 5-day launch: From Friday, June 10, 11:00 EDT - until Wednesday, June 15, 23:59 EDT
  • Prizes are based on total gross sales.
  • Your commissions must be at least as high as the prize money to be paid. If not, we will match your commissions.
  • Teams allowed.

10 reasons to promote our products

  • Products that work in the real world, used by thousands of marketers. Evergreen and constantly updated.
  • No-BS ad copy. So you can feel good about promoting.
  • Multiple "JVZoo Product of The Day" and "WSO of The Day" awards.
  • Excellent after-sale service. We love our customers.
  • High conversion rates and strong EPCs.
  • Earn generous commissions on the entire funnel.
  • Instant commissions for our trusted JV partners.
  • High-converting, plug-n-play promotional materials.
  • Get special perks. Ask us for review access, a custom setup, coupons, etc. We love our 12,500+ affiliates!
  • Credible merchant with a proven track record of 9+ years.

Our awesome JV partners and friends

SEO success

Here are some of our JV partners, affiliates and friends, who have promoted and made money with our offers, while offering real value to their customers:

Andy Fletcher
Ankur Shukla
Abhi Dwindi
Ali G
Brendan Mace
Brett Rutecky
Bryan Winters
Cyril Gupta
Chris McNeeney
Mike From Maine
Mike Mckay
Mosh Bari
Sam Bakker
Simon Warner
"Simple" Spencer Perkins
Barbara Ling
Bertus Engelbrecht
Bill Guthrie
Brad Spencer
Brett Ingram
Brian Terry
Chad Eljisr
Chris Jenkins
Chris Mollo
Chris Sorrell
Cindy Donovan
Colleen Slater
Dave Guindon
Ken Sar
Greg Kononenko

David Vallieres
Derek Pierce
Derrick Van Dyke
Dylan Kingsberry
Edward Boiten
Gene Pimentel
Han Fan
Holly Cotter
Ian del Carmen
Igor Burban
Ivana Bosnjak
Jeremy Kelsall
Jim Daniels
John “X” Barker
John Delavera
Kurt Chrisler
Leo Lover
Mark Hess
Martin Crumlish
Matt Garrett
Mike Lantz
Patrice Fillio
Ryan Stevenson
Sam England
Shawn Anderson
Simon Greenhalgh
Radu Hahaianu
Jai Sharma
Venkata Ramana
Kevin Byrne

About Our Team

We have developed several WordPress plugins that got "JVZoo Product of The Day" and "WSO of The Day":

Traffic Goliath JVZoo POTD

Our WordPress plugins sell like hot cakes, because they work:

product sales 1

The above are sales for single items alone - the sales for the entire funnels are much higher. :-)

We are also active as affiliates, and we support our business partners:

WarriorPlus - Affiliate Income

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Let's connect, and help each other build our businesses, while giving value to our customers.

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  • A "crazy" idea you have.
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