​Our mission is to help online entrepreneurs take advantage of the billion-dollar e-commerce boom...

We do this by providing innovative WordPress plugins, and valuable content websites...


Years developing​ WordPress plugins


​Happy customers


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​​The perfect time to build a website

​Experts estimate that 1.92 Billion (with a "b") people buy online per year - and the number keeps growing.

Now is the perfect time to ride this wave of online e-commerce. One of the simplest and easiest ways to do this is to build WordPress  websites that get free Google traffic.

These websites will connect people with products that help them solve their problems and make their lives better. Every time a customer buys a product your website recommends, you get paid a commission.

What ​our team does

Our team has over 8 years experience building and ranking WordPress affiliate websites.

Building a successful website takes time and energy. To create the websites faster and easier, we developed custom
WordPress plugins that automate many of the processes.

To achieve this, we invested tens of thousands of dollars, several years and countless sleepless nights, but it was worth it - both to us and to our clients who use our plugins.

These WordPress plugins are available for sale on our website. However, you don’t need to buy them. You can get similar results with hard work and patience.

Having said that, here are...

​3 things you need to know

1) We love our customers. We take virtually all the profits from the sales of the plugins, and use them to do even more research, development, and updates. 

2) All our customers get free updates to the plugins they purchase from us. We care about the success of our customers more than about making a buck here and there.

3) Google, Amazon, WordPress and the "Internet" rules keep changing. That's why we constantly keep updating our plugins.

​Why we are different

​We don't create plugins that sound good so we can sell them. We develop plugins to use on our ​OWN WordPress websites, and ​after the plugins "prove themselves", then we make them available to our customers as well.

We beta test our plugins, before releasing them. That way, we find and fix any bugs early. We also add extra features beta testers and early customers request.

Feel free to read the testimonials from happy customers on our websites.

Recently, after listening to our customers, we have started offering
ready-made WordPress affiliate websites as well. They are all in niches that keep growing, but that still have little competition.

To your success,

George "The Greek Geek" Katsoudas
Plugin Poets Founder and CEO

George The Greek Geek Katsoudas