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​10X Traffic Templates

10X ​Traffic Templates

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Ready-Made WordPress Niche Content Sites

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Business-building WordPress plugins

Associate Goliath

World's Only Amazon Site Builder With "​Deep Niche Discovery." ​ ​​Finds ​Low-Competition ​Markets. ​​Drives Free Traffic and Sales.  

Join 3,057+ Amazon associates who build awesome video review sites with the Associate Goliath WordPress ​plugin. Find​ out more...

​1-Click WP SEO

​The World's only SEO WordPress plugin with "smart-filtering" technology​. ​Optimizes 100s of pages ​on the fly...

​Join 2,101+ smart online business owner who get 2X+ more organic traffic ​in ​30 days, without more content or ​backlinks​​. ​​
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WP Empire Builder

If you operate 3 or more WordPress sites, this plugin will save you an average of 7.3 hours per month...

WP Empire Builder is the World's only WordPress plugin with "central-control" technology.
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Countdown Dynamite

​World's only WordPress plugin with "timer-tuning." Creates real urgency. Bumps sales by 40%+ in less than 30 seconds​​...

​​Join 1630+ smart marketers ​who sell a ton of their stuff​, without sleazy tactics.​
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​Traffic Goliath

​​​​​The World's only "Smart Traffic Page" builder. This SEO WordPress plugin ​​combines the power of Google, YouTube and Amazon​...

100s of high rankings and 70% ​more organic ​traffic in 3 weeks - ​without ​writing more content or building backlinks.​
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Hub Site Maker

​​​New WordPress Plugin Builds 100% Autopilot "Niche Hub" Affiliate Websites in 2 Minutes...

​​...automating a business model inspired by popular websites like BuzzFeed, Mashable, and AllTop - but with a twist.​
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​Viral Traffic X

​New WordPress Plugin Builds 100% Autopilot ​Viral Video Sites in ​3 Minutes...

​​The World's only WordPress plugin with "​Influencer Spy" technology that generates free traffic and happy visitors.​
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WP Force Field

​90,978+ WordPress attacks happen per MINUTE. ​There's a ​73% chance you​r website is vulnerable...

​WP Force Field is the World's  only WordPress plugin with "site-shield" technology. Protects your site from ​hackers, bad bots and malware​.
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​The happiest moment after I started using Associate Goliath was when I got my "first" payment from Amazon Associates. It was an awesome feeling!

​Amirol Zolkifli
Internet Marketer

​I could see this saving me 1,000s of hours

​Jeff Bode

​Blogger & Content Writer

​SEO has never been this simple...

​Nabarun Chakrabarti


​I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away!

​Brian Terry

​​Online Marketer

​Very easy to work with and great tech support.

​​Roger Rohrs

​​Online Marketer

​I have ranked in google for many keywords within just 6 days of registering the domain name...


​Warrior Forum member

​Gotten to first page for 2 very targeted two word keyphrases, one of these had 100% CTR for the first 4 hours. I have gotten clicks and at least a few orders.


​Warrior Forum member

​I have built up around 1000 sites. I love the simplicity and quickness!

​Johnny Mulder

​Affiliate Marketer

​...another great plugin from one of the world's best Wordpress developers

​Craig Christianson

​Online Marketer

​I found the user interface so intuitive that I didn't need to read the instructions...

​Scott Shannon

​Online Marketer

​everything is automatic

​Mohit J Mehta

​​Online Marketer

​saves us a lot of time...

​​Shiva Chettri

​​Online Marketer