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It's fully functional. It's just that only you will be able to see the effects on your posts and pages, when you are logged in as admin (your site visitors or the search engines like Google won't be able to see the changes). Try it right now and see for yourself how great it works. You can upgrade later to the full version and all your settings will be remembered and will go "live."

9 Ways 1-Click WP SEO Gets You More Traffic

Google-Simulating Analysis:

Give Google what it needs, and it'll send you more traffic. It's like an SEO traffic expert is showing you what needs to be done.

Outrank Your Competition:

1-Click WP SEO applies 15 SEO factors to your content, so it will be better-optimized. Cover all your bases and dominate your niche.

Visual SEO Checker:

Always remember what SEO factors need to be applied to your content. Apply them yourself, or let the plugin do it automatically.

Mass-Optimize Content:

Optimizes 100s of posts/pages on your site. Save time and energy. Focus on building a successful website - not on technical tasks.

SEO Precision:

Think “sniper SEO” - not “shotgun SEO.” Use different SEO settings for each specific WordPress post/page. Because details matter.

Get Traffic from Google Images:

1-Click WP SEO optimizes your images, 100% automatically. Get your share of the 1-billion-per-day Google-Image search traffic.

 Hands-off Traffic:

Automatically optimizes all future unpublished content, based on rules you specify. Never have to baby-sit or worry about your SEO.

Smart SEO Filters:

Applies the top SEO factors to your content, before showing it to the search engines. Focus on your content, not on technical SEO.


Avoid Penalties:

1-Click WP SEO gives the right “SEO charge” to each page. That way, you will avoid Google over-optimization penalties.

1-Click WP SEO Screenshots

Optimize all your content fast, from ONE screen. Save time and effort:

1-click-wp-seo mass-optimization table

An SEO Assistant Next to You, Helping You Optimize Each Page:


...after 2 or 3 days I began to notice an unusual amount of beginning traffic to the blog post... discovered that the image was ranked in the 3rd position on Google images...

Scott Parat

I recommend anyone with a WordPress powered website that needs more traffic gets this right away...

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SEO has never been this simple...

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Scotty Rushing

works like a charm...


very user-friendly and works quickly...

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great support...

Russ Duemmel

I found the user interface so intuitive that I didn't need to read the instructions...

Scott Shannon

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